Lost in Paradise
By: Maya

     "MOM! DAD! ANYONE? HELP!" The Eddisons decided to take a nice vacation to take time and relax, on the beach of Hawwii. Their oldest who was 11, was a girl named Sapphire. Sapphire also had a younger sister who was 8 years old, and her name was Maliya.

     "Maliya, Sapphire! Come on we are going to take a tour of the beautiful Hawiian forest!" Shouted their mom.

     "Coming!" They yelled back. And off they went to tour the forest.

     "Now everyone please stay behind me at ALL times," says the tour guide.

     "It's beautiful," said Sapphire. She could smell the hibiscus flowers, taste they coconuts above, touch the butterflies, and see the luscious green grass. Just then she could hear the echoing sound of a waterfall. She didn't think it was that far and wanted to show her family so she went to go find it. After 5 minutes pasted by and another 5 minutes she found out she was nowhere near the waterfall, and it was just the sound waves bouncing off the trees, rocks, and wood. She then realized she had traveled very far into the woods, and began to panic.

     "MOM! DAD! ANYONE! HELP!" She yelled. She tried to calm herself down by thinking of the ocean but, when she thought of the ocean she thought of sharks, and the thought of sharks made her think about death. Then she started to burst out with tears.

     "I don't want to die! Please!"

     Yet she didn't know her family was looking for her too. Late that night they went out a search crew to go looking for Sapphire. They searched in and out of the hotel, and by the beach and they still could not find her.

     "Wait," said the mom, " I know one more place..... The forest."

     Sapphire could not sleep. She stayed up all night wondering what could be out in the wild. Luckily she studied the Hawwii forest so she knew not to sit by a tree because ants would crawl down her back and instead found a nice resting place on a rock. At dawn the next morning she was awaken by voices.

     "Sapphire!" The mom ran straight toward her.

     "Sapphire I missed you!" The dad said.

     "SAPPHIRE!!!" Shouted Maliya.

     "We all missed you!" Says the mom.

     "I am so sorry! I just wanted to find new things! But know I know not to be curious." Says Sapphire.

     " NO, NO, NO! The mom says. I still want you to be curious and explore new things just promise me you will be cautious of your surroundings."

     "That day Sapphire learned it's okay to explore but to never loose sight of whats around you.