My Hidden Secrets

08/28/14: My ideas are sometimes about animation drawing, and something to do with music. I incorporate these in my work or in my free time at home or when i'm out of the house. I also like things dealing with horror and movies. I finished making a name tag with my new drawing, but i don't seem to please about it. I think i could still do better than what i drew so next time if i get it back ill edit it at home and see how it turns out.


09/01/14: I didn't come to school on this day because i was to prepare for family matters that are unspeakable. I was sad and also the rest of my family because we had lost a love one. We were busy with also the move into a new house. We had to move because it was to small and we paid to much just to rent it. So far this month has turned out for the worst at the last day of August and to the first of September.

09/04/14: I chose how to fix lighting because that always to seem to be a problem for people. If its to brighten some areas and if its to darken it. For example at a game someone wants to take a picture of their kid and later edit it the lighting if its to dark or darkness if its to bright. also if its for an advertising campaign and the design is to dark or light they can learn how to fix it online. Now if i want to fix the lighting i can always look that up and study on it online.

09/08/14: "Describe 5 things you hope to learn/gain from this class.": I think that i might want to learn how to edit, design, photoshop, prezi, and color editing.editing photos seems to be a problem in my family because its to dark or if its to bright to see something or how blurry or to small to see the picture.

9/22/14: When i was quizzing myself on the kahoot questions that my classmate Fabian made i almost forgot them all. His test was hard so it was difficult but i came out with all of them right. I was almost close with missing a few of them. Because of today i realize i need o study then if we get quizzed again. I might have to stay for tutoring if that happens or if i need help. If so ill asked Mrs. Banda for help.

9/25/14: When Spanish Conquistadors landed in central Mexico, they encountered natives practicing a ritual that seemed to mock death. it is to celebrate those that have passed and to honor their memories and to cherish all the good times spent with there love ones. the day of the dead is celebrated on the first and second of November. The day of the dead is celebrated in mexico parts of the united states and in metro phoenix. to the natives it seems the day of the dead is a celebration that is embracing death and reveals that life is a dream and only death can awaken us to those dreams.


10/24/14:  color theory is a series of colors that are the same hue, but a different shade or saturation value. Color wheels are used for mixing colors or find a certain type of color. a color scheme is an arrangement or combination of colors. it is used to make a design look appealing to the person. different colors have certain affects to a persons emotion like blue can make a person calm, red can be anger or pink can be love or happiness.


11/03/14: Monday- black out the cardinals for the Bird Bowl showing them we wont back down.

Tuesday- Blast from the past bring the old age into the new age.

Wednesday- Gender bender is viewing things from the opposite gender.

Thursday- Tacky tourist are those that go on vacation and dress weird.

Friday- Hawk out for our victory for this years bird bowl.

11/17/14: Things im thankful for is my home is because i get to sleep in a warm and safe house. My room is design the way i like it with all my drawings and famous art work that i have done over there years. My brother before he left he let me keep his guitar and amp that his dad gave to him before he has passed. My mother because she always knows how to get me to wake up in the morning so i can go to school or to my friends house to ride our skate boards. my friends because to me they are part of the family and always have my back. Finally my girlfriend she is always there for me to keep me happy with her smile and can make me feel better when im sad. I'm thankful for these reasons because this is my everyday life. thanksgiving is when i get to see these people the most. Christmas is another to and its equally special when i see them there to. im thankful to them since i have met them and i always will be till the end.


12/1/14: Thanksgiving is fun when I cook with my family. what i did for thanksgiving was help my dad cook the Turkey. I helped my mom decorate the house and the outside of the house. I also helped my sister do her homework she was assigned. Lastly I helped my brother out with the groceries. thanksgiving was fun this year.

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