Lyrics Moore

Here I am (kissing a lil puppa :D )

My birthday is September 20, 1996. I'm a Virgo. I'm 18 years old. I have dark brown hair too match my dark brown eyes. I'm 5'3 & 3 quarters. I weight 115 pounds. I've lived in Dubuque all my life. I have no hobbies. I love animals!!! I sleep & eat. That's about it...    

About Me

I'm outgoing, super bitchy, & I like to eat food

My cellphone is my most important relationship in my life

Food, happy plants & sleeping are 3 things I love

Depression, anger, & turn up are 3 feelings I have experienced

Sadness, hunger, & sleepiness are 3 fears I have experienced

My photo-shoots & my two fashion shows are 2 things I have accomplished

Being famous, feeling real happiness, & going to a Beyoncé are 3 things I want experience

My Family

I live with mom her name is Kristel, she's the reason why I am still here. I love her to death. Even though she bothers me... a lot. My little brother his name Pharell but his nickname is Relly. He's a little shit, man but I love him with all my heart. He's my favorite sibling. My little sister her name is Tayvanna but we call her Tay for short. She just turned 12 & I swear she thinks she's 21. She's very sassy. I kinda like her. And, Chris, he's my moms boyfriend. He's chill. He buys us really cool pets so that's cool.

This is my little brother Relly and I on his 10th birthday

My Name is Lyrics

~ A lyric poem or verse, the words of a song ~

But there is more too that... I love my name! Music is my everything. I love to sing & to dance. Music is a huge part of my personality. I couldn't even imagine a world without music. I LOVE all kinds of music! Except country... that's nasty music. My mom picked my name from movie a called " Jason's Lyrics." I've never heard of the movie before. But, I love love my name. I don't know any other girl named Lyrics. But, here's one of my favorite songs... Trapped in my mind by Kid Cudi c:

Who I am...

There's probably not much you need to know about me . Because, to be honest I don't know much about myself... i'm still learning as I go on in life. I value family, music, food and sleeping. I'm not the most exciting person, unless I need to be. I don't like most people so I don't have friends or I don't talk to anybody but, Landon. He's the only other human being I can talk to without getting super pissed off at (sometimes). Uhm my strengths...?? I don't have many or really nun at all. I can eat like a huge hamburger and still be hungry after that. I'm also really good at sleeping for a long period of time. Life is my weakness. Sometimes I can't really stand to deal with it. I actually can't deal with it at all. I rather sleep for 5 years or sleep until i'm not a teenager anymore. " Sleep, Eat, Rave, Repeat." is my motto.

The first selfie I took when I turned 18 :)

My Favorite Things!!!

Some of my favorite things are... FOOD, music, hanging out with Landon, happy plants, and sleeping... which you already know. But, my most favorite thing ever is Spongebob. I love love love Spongebob, i'm 18 years old. I grew watching 90's Nick... all of those T.V shows are gone but Spongebob. My entire room is Spongebob. I don't know why I love him so much but, I do. That's the way to my heart man. I hate school.. I no favorite subject. I can't wait to be done with it! I also love the band Nirvana. Kurt Cobain is the shit! He's like a music god. His music is thee best and fits my moods. I'm also very proud myself for accomplishing my photo-shoots and fashions shows. I did my fashion 2 years ago & also had my first photo-shoot 2 years. I did one last year. I was a super villain, yeah.. I killed the whole show :)

Queen of the Galaxy right here :)


I am changing and going threw some changes.  I've seen a lot and been threw a lot these last 18 years... But, once i'm done with school I would to be a model. I want to travel all over the world. I want to walk the runway and have a huge crowd of people cheer for as strut my stuff! Modeling is the shit! it's huge confidence booster for anybody. It makes me happy! I love dressing up in crazy clothes and make-up. It makes feel good about myself. It raises my self-esteem!! I don't think I want a family. I won't have time for a family if my modeling takes off. I don't want kids ever. I don't like kids. Kids scare me, they cry way to much, and they are expensive. I just rather it be me and let me do my own thing. I don't even want a husband. Boys are mean and they hurt your feelings. I wouldn't want my kids to grow up to be like or treated like that. I just want to be alone & make money. That's it...

Me at 2 and then me at 18

Things I need to do too make this change!

Put my head to it! I need to fight for this, I want it! It would be great money and I would be doing something I enjoy! I need to get threw school. Make my mom proud. Then, shoot for what I want. I need to start off small with the photo-shoots and more fashion shows! I need to start getting my name out there and getting my stuff together if i'm serious about being model. I'm going to be a model :)

This isn't a modeling picture, it should be! This is me going to a Halloween party! I wanted to keep this costume on forever!

Compare my life to Uri's life

Uri was born without a background pretty much. He kinda had his background changed as he went on with his life. He had a pretty rough life. But, he made it out.. ALIVE! He ended up with some PTS. But, he got his life together and ended up having his own family, he could start his own identity now. I was born from my mom and sperm donor. In America. I just didn't really grow up with a rough life. I had everything I needed. Until my mom decided that it was okay to have 2 more kids with even asking me -_- But, i'm still currently growing up and leaning alot about myself. But, i'm ready to start my own life and get out there and do something!

Here's a random selfie... I love taking selfies

Questions involving Milkweed?

1.) Identity is something the defines you as a person! Something that nobody else has. It's something that makes you different from everyone else.

2.) My identity affects me as I am. The way in handle I things is way different from how people handle things. My attitude and personality also identifies me. The way I carry myself  is way different how used to carry myself back in the day.

3.) Everyone is different in their own way! If everyone was the same, what would the world be like? People have different identities for a reason. If everyone had the same identities I couldn't even imagine how crazy the world would be .


I hope you all enjoyed my Tackk! Here's another selfie of me...