By Rex Miller

Do you like big silly dogs If you do then this is the tackk for you.  Boxers are strong and silly but there not all that smart they are clever though.


     If you like Boxer dog's then this is the tackk for you.  I'm going to tell you How to Train a Boxer, The Environment They  Should Live in, The Main Colors of their Fur, And How old do They Live.

How to Train Your Boxer:

     You should start early on training.  You have to act as if you are the Alpha Male.  When you walk your Boxer have 1 hand at the end of the leash and the other in the middle of the leash, and you should wrap your hand in the leash with your hand in the middle and I'm telling you this so your Boxer wont walk you and teach your Boxer to obey and if you want to you can teach them to do tricks.

The Environment They Should Live In:

     You should have a big backyard and a middle class house not to big or to small for your house they should have a big backyard so they can run around in it.  And I guess this goes with Train Your Dog Part also but you should walk your dog 2 times a day just so they wont be going crazy through out the day.  Sense Boxers are short haired they should live where it does not  snow all the time or its cold allot.

How Old can Boxers Live up to:

     This goes with their health to.  Boxers can live up to be 9 or 10 years old.  If they are super healthy they can probably live about 3 more years, if they are not really that healthy they will probably live about 5-7 years old.  And Boxers are most prone to cancer and you most likely don't know when they could get caner.

Boxers main coats of fur:

     Boxers have 3 main coats of fur.  And this goes with their smarts and commonness to.  Wight colored Boxers are the least smartest and I don't know how common they are, then it is Fawn/Brown Boxers they are the second smartest and they are the most common, then it goes Black Boxers they are the smartest and they are the rarest and Boxers secondary colors are black and wight.


     Now you know How to Train a Boxer, The environment They Should Live in, How Old do They Live, And Their Main Colors of Their Coats.


Environment:  It is like a habitat It's a place in the world, like a leopard in a rain forest

Most prone to cancer:  It means they are the dogs that will get cancer the most.

Alpha Male:  The pack leader the boss.

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