Stomach Cancer

About stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer. Stomach cancer is a cancer in your stomach.


Symptoms can include a bloated feeling after eating, mild nausea, and heart burn.

possible causes

Doctors are not sure about how one gets stomach cancer.Risks are a diet high in salt and smoked food, smoking, long term stomach inflation. One major causes of stomach cancer could be acid reflex.

Cancer Growth

Stages of stomach cancer

stage 0 the cancer has just formed

stage 1,2,3 the tumors has enlarged and spread to close by lymph nodes

stage 4 stomach cancer has spread has metastasized or spread to other organs in the body


is to remove some parts of the stomach or in serous cases remove of the entire stomach  .These are often the main treatments of stomach cancer  Surgery- the cancer cells or tumor will be removed surgically Radiation therapy- use a type of light that you cant see with your eyes to go thought the skin and laser the cancer it will kill the cells and shrink the tumor  Chemotherapy- take medication to stop cancer cells from doing the cell cycle the cancer cells can make more cells  

Survival rates

stage 1 If you get stomach cancer at an early age the survival rate in 5 years is 63%.    stage 2 If doctors find stomach cancer has spread to areas near the stomach the 5 year survival rate is 28%. You have a higher survival rate if your cancer is in remission. Remission means that the cancer has shrunk stopped growing or completely disappeared your are never cured of cancer but your cancer can be in remission forever.

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