the outsider heroes journey

by isaiah schoenberger

the outsider/heros journey

isaiah schoenberger

5-5-14 period 6

there are many type of heroes like Spider-man, Batman, and The Beast have there troubling time. for example spider-man was called a masked menace or the thing was called a but what they all have in common they risked their lives to save other people called a heroes journey. how can a boy from the wrong side of the tracks be our hero. A hood called Ponyboy curtis who is 14 who needs to find out who he is. Ponyboy is our hero because he is courageous and cares about other people's needs before his.

Ponyboy experiences the separation from the known when ponyboy is in a bad mood because of what happens at home with darry, he decides to run away . they went to the park and intertwined with some drunk socs at the park, that said “hey whatta ya know?”bob said a little unsteadily “heres the little greasers that picked up are girls. hey greasers” bob says “ do you want to know what a greaser is” “white trash with long greasy hair” then pony said “ dp yu wang ot know what socs id” “ white trash with mustangs and madras”(55) then they attacked them in the park. Pony boy woke up from the pain Johnny said “i killed him,” he said slowly “i killed a boy”(56). in the hero journey, the separation from the known id when the herps jumps from the known to the unknown when a sudden, traumatic event comes.

pony boy experience the initiation when they run to the bar to tell dally what happened at the park. dally tells them to go to the abandoned church to hide. when they asked him where they can hide he says “Theres an old abandoned church on the to of jay mountain”(61). in the outsider a they get to the abandoned church the mouths dropped at the sight. Ponyboy counties the experience the intuition when he becomes a hero. as they come back from getting food they see a burning church pony goes in to save them even if he is risking his life to help. as they get the kids out it gets worse and eventually the church brakes everyone is out besides johnny and it collapses/ johnny is is in the ambulance with pony and dally waiting and the guy of the kids say “are you just professional heroes of something” (95) in the hero journey the return to everyday life is when he returned with the note that johnny gave him before he died 2 weeks later he found a note that he left him. as he read his note he gave pony. the reader finds that he is writing the story that was just told. in the end pony writes an essay about his life to show the world.

in the conclusion there are many types of heroes but this one starts in the wrong hand. there are good heroes and bad and some in the middle like pony but they always come out a hero. like as i said in the beginning likes superman, spider man, and batman but as johnny said “stay golden pony boy stay golden”

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