Jensen Shanfelder
Pop Culture P. 6
TV's impact on America

      Television has impacted American cultures in many ways. The social, economic, political, and diplomatic ways it effected America can be seen in many ways. Without it, I can not imagine what America would look like. It influenced so many other things, and changed the game for many people.

     Media played a huge roll in creating stereotypes for people, the social aspect of its effects on American culture. The housewife stereotype was greatly influenced by television. “Television, radio, and magazines bombarded them with the assurance that the kitchen was their realm and that loving food preparation for their families was the way to fulfillment.” (Stereotypes) Advertisements made it seem like every women loved to cook and clean. Commercials showed women dressed up with a full face of makeup and hair done, enjoying themselves cleaning with their latest appliance. I find it hard to believe that all women enjoyed taking care of the house all day, and I find it even harder to believe that she was excited for that new vacuum she was getting for Christmas. TV made a mold that most American women tried to fulfill. Even today women have to deal with the stereotype that was created by TV in the 1950's and 1960's.

     In 1957, over 40 million households had Televisions in them. (Impact of TV) This was both a good thing and a bad thing. After dinner time, families would come together and sit around the TV. This was the perfect opportunity for businesses to advertise their products. Different ads and commercials starting being made, and families started buying more and more. This was not necessarily always a good thing. People started to shop from the TV, which means credit cards, and credit card debt. It was much more convenient to shop from the TV so everyone started getting credit cards. Even though it was good for the businesses because people were buying their products, it was bad for the economy because many people started falling into debt. (Impact of TV)

     Television had an immense impact on America politically. Debates started becoming publicized and more people started paying attention. Years before, debates would be broadcasted on the radio but when TV's became popular in the 50's everyone tuned in. This put more pressure on politicians because not only did they have to worry about sounding good, they also had to make sure they looked good. TV also brought a lot more attention to social issues, such as war and civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr. was a huge advocate for civil rights. He got a lot of attention because many of his speeches were reported on by the news. Since he was getting so much publicity, more people started to join his movement. Without TV to spread the word he would not have had a lot of the followers that he did.

      Televisions diplomatic impact on America was also large. Since it was during the Cold War people had to be prepared for a nuclear war with Russia. Commercials, for example "Duck and Cover" were made and broadcasted all over America to make sure that everyone knew what to do in the time of a crisis. (Duck and Cover) It spread fear and anxiousness throughout America because TV made it seem like an attack could happen "at any time". It made Russia look like the bad guy to every country too.

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