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Red heart is a company which serves its customers the best . It is a family where people come and walks hand in hand in all spheres of life learning and by earning.

Each and every individual in the world want to become rich , no one cares the way .

With our family people learn and earn . Learning is the process which goes on and on throughout the life . Why not we can learn while earning ?

Its a dream which has come true by efforts of thousands of hand .

We are here to serve the best products at best possible prices to our consumers.

Join with us in any kind ; U can learn  & earn  by using your  skills.

Make sale and earn .

Buy here , make a chain

work on field or from home , its your wish.

Build your marketing skills.

Build your communication skills.

Build your creativity .

Build your income.

We have a high variety of products such as

  1. Multipurpose Liquid Cleaner:

Its heavy perfumed deordrent

It removes stain from surface

It repells mosquito and insects from area of mopping.

It comes in good fragrance and colors

It removes bacteria and fungus from surface.


It’s a perfumed deodorant

It repels insects from surface.

3.Toilet Cleaner:

It kills bacteria and removes stains of toilet bowl

Leave it sparkling clean.

4. Easy clean:                                        1/5/55 liter

It is acidic thick pink solution.

Compound with cleaning demises which cleans

Ceramic tiles, wash basin, (Do not use on marble, avoid contact of skin)

5.Magic Cleaner:

It is watery solution with cleaning demises. It is ideal for marble

Floors, plastic furniture, sun mica, metal surfaces, It cleans heavy

Greasy surfaces.

(Do not use on polished & painted surfaces, avoid contact of skin)

6.Black phenyl:

It is heavy deodorants. It repeals heavy bad smells. It cleans surface

And make surfaces bacteria free.

7.Hand wash:

It is colored, thick, perfumed compound for hand washing. It is

PH balanced, bio-de-getable, very friendly for skin.

8.Medicare Pedicare Shampoo:                                   1liter

It is PH balanced, skin friendly foaming compound for washing foot &Hands.

9.Glass Cleaner:

It is soft cleaner for mirrors, glass, TV, fridge, etc.

10. Air Freshner:

It is solid cake to be kept in bathrooms & toilets. Repells bad smells

And keeps it as flower fresh.

11. Urinals Cubes:

It is big cubes for urinal bowl to remove bad smells.

12.Room Spray:

Makes atmosphere fresh and perfumed.

13.Small soap

Perfumed small soap for room service & ideal for bathing.

14.Floor Cleaner (light):                                         1/5/55 liter

It is perfumed cleaner which removes bacteria & stains from

Surface softly.

15.Floor Cleaner (Heavy)

It is perfumed heavy cleaner removes heavy stains from

Surface. It is hard. It works as degreasing compound.


For Industrial cleaner with cleaning demised and balanced PH

17.Tap & Metal Cleaner:

It is special cleaner formulated for metals, It cleans deposit

On tap without harming the surface. It clean oxidation of copper

Brass and Aluminum and make the surface like new.

18.Liquid Bleach:

It removes stains from white clothes very unique for big laundry.

19.Liquid soap

It is heavy grade cleaner for washing.

20Polish : 5 liter

It is white venyl polish for reaxine, leather, dash board etc.


Hcl, HNO3 & H2SO4.

22.Hotel Products:

Toilet rolls, W.C. bends, Shaving kit, Napkins, Glass Cover, Dental kit,

Comb etc.

23.Water Treatment Chemicals:

Alum, Salt, Resins, Sodium Hypo Chloride, Caustic, Sodium by Carbonate etc.

24.Mineral Water:

25.Silicon spray:

It makes surface very shiny and polished. Idle for Rexene leather dashboard, plastic, sun mica.

26. Silicon polish:

27. Car shampoo:

(With conditioner and perfumed)

28. Dish washing gel:

29. Natural mineral water

30. Natural mineral water soda

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