Happy Holidays!

Moments and thoughts from 2012

We love the tradition of Christmas and terribly enjoy receiving christmas cards from all of the wonderful people in our life. In the spirit of being more green and fluid with our lives, we thought it would be great to share some moments from 2012 via a different medium that is green and easy.  

The Rents

Caryl turned 40 and we celebrated her life milestone in the vibrancy of NYC! It's amazing what it takes to escape from life with three kids (planning school pick ups, who they stay with, soccer games, etc.).  However, we did it and could not have had more fun. From fine dining, Broadway, and site seeing, to meeting up with beloved family and friends in NYC, we made the most of our 3 day escape! Jay continues with being a lifestyle entrepreneur and Caryl is in her 14th year as a school social worker at the same high school.  Photography and home improvement are new found interests of Jay's and he is soon to retire from his gig as a model for his company (thank goodness for photoshop)!  Caryl remains addicted to HGTV and finding time for family fun with friends.


Wow, what a year of challenge, change and promise.  We could not be more proud of what is going on with this kid! Grace has changed schools and has been challenged in so many ways. She has come out on top and is excelling in a new and challenging school environment.  Despite change, this young leader proves to be grounded by life in nothing but the best of ways.  Grace enjoys face timing with her friends, and telling her brother what to do while laughing and playing Minecraft with him. She is mother's little helper and a great big sister (most of the time).  Grace got up on water skis and continues to be an old soul.


Monti is turning nine and is in the third grade.  Be proud son; there is much for you to hang your hat on! Monti is excelling in all areas.  He is a lover of learning and can't get enough.  The boy is challenged by his little sister Micha who can't get enough of him!  He loves soccer, anything computer related and continues to master the piano, as well as the newest levels on the Wii.  He is our gentle soul.


Fearlessness loses momentum but does not go away. Micha was bit by two dogs this past year. While she is more timid for good reason, the girl remains incredibly bold.  She is a bundle of joy, insights, and discoveries.  Our littlest one started kindergarten this year and is constantly on fire searching for answers and new found things she can do all by herself.  She really enjoys reading, coloring and fully annoying her brother and sister.  We can count on her to keep us on our toes and our days interesting!   

Hello Cleveland!

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