Phonics Genius is an application designed to facilitate the learning of new words through the use of phonic cues. Users can browse through thousands of unique words that are divided by their phonic make up. The words vary from extremely simple to intermediate.

It can be used to introduce students that are possibly having difficulty with basic reading and writing to the idea of phonics. It can also be used to build on the existing knowledge base that a student possesses. The app breaks the words down into their basic components, and uses a tiered testing system to build students up to the more advanced words.

Evernote is a cross platform word processing/note taking application. It is able to be used with a variety of the most popular document styles (PDF, word, etc...) and uses a cloud based server to allow users access to notes cross platform. It can be used to deliver, and receive documents.

In the classroom, note taking can be an extremely important factor. Evernote allows students to take down, edit, or receive notes. It can also be used as a medium through which the teacher can receive and allocate documents.

Prezi is a cross platform story telling tool. It can be used with things such as PowerPoint, or through their own creation software. Originally made specifically for use with a Smart Board or other virtual whiteboard, Prezi has expanded into mobile applications. This allows for presentations and stories to be viewed both on a digital canvas, and on a mobile device.

Prezi can be used to either get students to create their own presentations and stories, and share them throughout the class, or can be used to give presentations to the students and allow them to carry a copy with them with a minimal amount of hassle. The application is limited to viewing presentations, so it would be used specifically in the assessment process. Sharing the presentation(s) created throughout the class will hopefully develop a sense of importance for the assignment.

Khan Academy is a famous resource for mathematics that has developed a mobile application that uses the current support found on the Khan Academy website to give the user a ridiculously versatile mathematics support. The application breaks down math problems and theory in a simplified, user friendly manor. The user can choose what material to go through and can view instructions, take tests, and review.

The app can be used in the classroom to help develop the important math skills that so many students struggle with. It can be used to supplement course material, and make understanding math skills an easier process.

Toontastic is an interactive story telling application. Students can use it to create a short animated film using a variety of built in tools. It is a very refined version of the cartoon creation app, and boasts one of the largest user bases. I found it much easier to use than other comparable applications.

This application can be used in the class to demonstrate some kind of knowledge through a short animation. Students can download the free application, and save and submit the work to the cloud. It is easily accessible and viewable. The application can also be used to purvey an idea to students.

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