Emperor Bans Roman Gods

By Kari Yang

This is the temple of Bacchus (DIonysus) in Rome.

ROME- Ever since up to 395 AD, people in Rome thought there were many gods that controlled different parts of the world and even their lives. But now, Emperor Theodosius believes everyone should become a Christian!

It was normal for people to be Christians, until in 313 AD, when Emperor Constantine became a Christian himself. Things have gotten even worse now because Emperor Theodosius decided to ban everyone from worshiping the Roman gods when he said:

"We desire that all peoples subject to Our benign Empire shall live under the same religion that the Divine Peter, the Apostle, gave to the Romans, and which the said religion declares was introduced by himself, and which it is well known that the Pontiff Damascus, and Peter, Bishop of Alexandria, a man of apostolic sanctity, embraced; that is to say, in accordance with the rules of apostolic discipline and the evangelical doctrine, we should believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit constitute a single Deity, endowed with equal majesty, and united in the Holy Trinity."

Roman people used to be allowed to worship many gods, but after the Emperor made it illegal, they can now only worship one God!

No longer will the Roman gods be an important role of Rome. Also, they wouldn't be known for the Roman gods either.

After making it illegal, no one will have to worship rulers and emperors anymore, nor will they have to pay homage to the official gods of the Roman state to worship many of their gods.

Government Decides Closing Pantomime

By Kari Yang

Actors used these as masks.

PANTOMIME, ROME- Yesterday, Audiences in Rome grew surprisingly impolite. They screamed  and yelled at the poor actors on stage and even threw hard things made out of metal!

Some actors were really mad and others were severely injured. The Roman government chooses to close down the pantomime until further notice, so people won't throw hard, metallic things at actors.

Audience members in Rome explain why:

"We have mixed feelings about the actors and sometimes they are really boring. Since they're so boring, we let them know by  throwing stuff at them."

Romans won't be able to watch anymore combat and gladiator sports. Also, theater in Rome won't be as important as it was a week ago.

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