Math 2 Unit 1 Project For Chapter 12

Group Members: Truitt Briggs, Brianna Gantt, Meredith Pillgreen, Isabel Comisford

Activity 1

Below is my table and my graph

Activity 2

Dry Road 60 Feet: Speed = 40

Dry Road 120 Feet: Speed = 57

Wet Road 60 Feet: Speed = 28

Wet Road 120 Feet: Speed = 40

Why do you think the estimates of speed do not double when the skid marks double in length?

Because the dry road does not effect the speed of the car but the wet road makes the car slide so it will change the speed. When braking the car slows down making the skid marks, it depends on how hard you apply force to the brake to determine the skid marks.

Based on these results, what conclusions can you make about safe distances between cars?

That having a safe distance helps you when having to brake and having enough time to brake depending on the speed traveling. You can stay 10 feet behind someone going 80 miles per hour and all of a sudden hit traffic and have to apply the brakes and not hit the car in front of you.

Activity 3

Maximum Speed to be traveling by in order to leave a safe stopping distance is 64 miles per hour

Activity 4

Below is a link for the video