Key Reasons to Buy Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

Keeping good health is not a choice, it is a responsibility that you are required to shoulder. Good health brings along with itself a range of benefits, thus allowing you to pursue good things in life. However, medical conditions and unfortunate events such as accidents cause tremendous harm to your health. As a result, you will be forced to seek professional medical care.

Medical treatment in hospitals comes at a cost. To minimize the financial impact of such spending, it is essential to buy a health insurance plan. However, a majority of the health insurance plans only offer reimbursement when admitted into the hospital for medical procedures. Now what will a person do if the treatment of the medical condition does not require hospitalization but costs significant?

To cushion you from the cost of such expenses, a comprehensive health insurance plan such as lifeline health insurance from Royal Sundaram is recommended. There are several reasons why a person should purchase this plan. Some of them are listed below:

Cover for Inpatient Care

There are several medical conditions whose treatment requires visit to hospital for a few hours. While standard health insurance plans sanction a claim only when admitted in a hospital for at least a day, a comprehensive plan will pay for such expenses.

Cover for Ambulance Charges

At times, you may not be in a condition to reach the hospital owing to the severity of the disease or medical condition. At such times, you will require an ambulance to transport you to the medical care centre. A comprehensive plan will cover such charges.

Reload of Sum Insured

There are times when you would exhaust the medical cover of the insurance policy. At such times, a comprehensive plan will provide reload of sum insured for an additional premium payment.

Alternative Treatment

Alternate form of treatment such as AYUSH treatment, homeopathic remedies, and ayurvedic medicines can be availed under this plan. This cover is seldom available with a regular healthcare plan.