How to Make eyelashes Look Longer and Thicker?

Eyes are ways to know the soul of a person; your eyelashes play an important role with respect to beauty. This also helps prevent the sweat from getting into your eyes and also averts dust particles. But lashes are prone to fall out due to damage from harmful chemicals of mascara and plucking or burning. This constraints the growth of eyelashes and make them thinner. The question remains how to enhance your eyelashes and make them look beautiful. Let us take a closer look on how to get stunning and gorgeously longer, thicker lashes.

Easy Tips to enhance your eyelashes:

Some of the easy tips to enhance the eyelashes are described below:

Healthy Eating Habits:

The lash follicles have certain growth pattern which is similar to hair growth cycle. Consuming healthy diet containing proteins like soy, tofu, fish, banana, beans are beneficial to enhance your lashes. This helps stimulate the growth of eyelashes and makes them look darker.

Almonds are sources of vitamin H or biotin helps thicken the lashes and make them stronger. This prevents fall out of the lash follicles from rubbing your eyes. Whole grains also promote growth of lash follicles.

Vitamins and Hydration:

Intake of antioxidants like vitamin E and C are helpful in conditioning the eyelashes. This treats the problem of dryness and makes it shiny. It also works to block the damages on lashes caused by free radicals. This helps to heal and repair the lash damages thereby give you healthy eyelashes.

Vitamin E is found in olive oil which can be directly applied to lashes before sleeping. This helps to boost the circulation near the eyelids and promote healthy lash growth. Apply almond oil to eyelashes also helps stimulate the regrowth of damaged lashes thereby make it look fine and long. Vaseline or pure petroleum jelly is another alternative to olive oil. Apply it to base before going to sleep at night. Wash off in morning with clear water. Follow this procedure to get significant results. Foods containing vitamins include avocados and leafy green veggies. Remember to retain hydration level of skin; this helps to give you firm, shiny and smooth lash follicles.


Close your eyes and gently massage your eyes. You can also use emu oil before massaging. Take cotton balls or Q-tip and dab a little bit of oil. Apply it to your lashes; this will condition it. It also stimulates the flow and gives you thicker eyelashes.

Fake Lashes:

If you decide to cover up your original lashes with longer looking lashes; use fake eyelashes. You need to use glue to adhere the fake lashes at base of upper eyelids. This will give effects of fuller, beautiful eyes.

The problem arises when it comes to remove the fake lashes. When the fake lashes get stuck with the original; you pull these causing losses of original lashes. Considering this side-effect, you can opt for mascara.


These are easy to apply; you should clean your eyes carefully. Pat it dry and brush your lashes. Use a curler and follow up by applying mascara. Carefully line your upper lids with black eyeliner. Avoid smudging any pigments in between the lashes. This will make the base lashes look darker and thicker. Keep thin lines when applying line near your lashes.

Pick mascara that lengthens your lashes. Start applying at the base of eyelashes and wiggle the brush all the way up. Apply two coats of mascara; this will intensify the beauty of your eyelashes and enrich fuller, longer lashes. Flip your mascara wand such that bristles point down towards the nose and use tip to apply it to top of lashes.

Additionally you can mix a pearl-white eye shadow to the center of the lids. This will give you contrast with the dark mascara and make your eyelashes stand out even more.

Eyelash Growth Enhancer:

There are many eyelash growth enhancer products in the market. Some products require a prescription while there are some organic products which can be bought without prescription. These products contain natural ingredients that are safe to use. They have less possibility of side-effects and do not irritate your eyes.

These products can be applied in the same manner as applying mascara. Untwist the cap of eyelash enhancer and pull out the applicator. Place the brush under the lashes on upper lids. Move it forth and back horizontally about five to six times. Extending use of this product will benefit the growth of lashes and thicken it.

This eyelash growth enhancer is better and effective ways to encourage eyelash growth. They are better alternative to fake lashes which can worsen the condition of eyelashes. Maxolash, Lash pump, Revitalash are some of the eyelash growth enhancers that work to give you fuller, thicker lashes.


After going through all the methods to get thicker and longer eyelashes; it is concluded that eyelash enhancers are best. You should check out the eyelash growth product reviews before you buy any product.