The Manawatu Gorge

On Wednesday The 19th of November we went on a class trip to the manawatu gorge

We went to the manawatu gorge to learn about the wind turbines and how they help towards a sustainable future.The wind farm we went to was the Te Apitit which currently is owned by meridian New Zealands largest renewable energy provider,it currently has 55 wind turbines in operation some of which have been running for 10 years.The wind farm can currently generate up to 90.75 Megawatts

Sorry it's sideways

The Nikau Palms A nikau palm usually grows about 10-15 meters tall.The nikau sprouts large clusters of flowers that grow from the base of the lowest branch. The flowers are sticky and sweet with nectar, which attracts insects, especially bees.

The Manawatu Gorge track is 10000 M(or 10 km ) long and takes anywhere from an hour and a half to 4 hours,although some people have ran the track in under that time.The track takes you past the Te Apiti Wind farm and it is located approx 12 km from Palmerston North

The Manawatu Gorge Slip was one of the biggest in New Zealand history,20000 cubic meters of rubble came crashing downthe mountain.It was later revealed the entire mountain was unstable and so 370000 cubic meters had to be removed.

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