Baby information

  • Nickname of element (Symbol) - Al
  • Birth date (date element was discovered) - 1825
  • Birth weight (atomic mass) - 27
  • Birth height (atomic number) - 13
  • Race (type of element/family) -Boron family
  • Attending physician (Discoverer) - Hans Oersted
  • Place of birth (country of discovery) - China
  • Gender (state of matter at room temperature - use your periodic table) - Solid room temperature 
  • Personality (emotions: boiling point and melting point) - boiling point is 4,566 degrees melting point is 1,220.581degrees.

Ultra sound of my element

Boron family





What I want to be when i grow up?

  • The first job of aluminum is used to make soda cans. The second job is used in aluminum foil. The third job is used for making bike frames.
  • I would like my element to be used for soda cans. People drink soda all across the world which makes the element aluminum very important. In addition soda cans can be recycled.

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2 years ago

2-3 sentences explaining the three "jobs" your element could do when he/she grows up - 5 points per picture = 15 points
Final decision (2-3 sentences) on what you would like your element to do and why -2 points

23 days ago

great info