Laser Clinic Singapore Offers Unmatched Treatment For Your Unique Look

The best part of a human body is head. Face constitutes the front part of your head and therefore works as your identity to the world. What if your face doesn’t look good as per your estimate? Will you then resign to the despair? But, the million dollar question is: does that serve any purpose?

Here is good news for you. Laser clinic Singapore offers treatments promising for a facelift in you.

Explore your look through laser clinic in Singapore:

Laser clinics in Singapore have something unique to offer when it comes to complementing the look through treatments. The treatments are manifold here such as the following.

1) Skin rejuvenation through micro injection: Ageing takes away the freshness of your skin. But, you can rejuvenate your skin to its past glory through micro injections. The process revolves around the concept of balancing moistures in the skin of your face so that it looks young and radiant. A series of micro injections are performed for rejuvenating your dull and otherwise dry skin. In consequence you regain skin’s glory and even look better.

2) Reduction in skin oil & mini facelift: Oil glands in your skin produce oil and the presence of excess oil on your facial skin causes heaping up of dirt. Your skin then becomes the breeding ground for bacteria. It also blocks the opening of the pores and let the bacteria or micro granules to firm up. In consequence you start itching causing more damages to your skin. Two steps are followed here namely the following.

A. Reduction in skin oil production: This can be construed as the first step towards your skin treatment through the fillers in Singapore. A series of intradermal Botox popularly called Micro Botox injections are performed at the outer most facia of your facial skin. They contract the sweat and the oil glands of your skin. In the process oil secretion from your skin is controlled.

B. Mini facelift: Here facelift is done as a by-product of the Micro Botox. The pores are minimized and on the other hand oil and sweat glands are contracted. In consequence the loose skin is tightened. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of this method is that Micro Botox is injected in the skin and not into the facial muscles which control your facial expressions. This in other words construes that you can retain your original smile while undergoing the treatment here. You can simultaneously go for this treatment alongside your Ultherapy or the Thermage without interfering into their course of treatment.

3) Photoshower treatment: Acne scar removal has found a new definition here in the photoshower treatment. It is a shower of microsecond pulses which are non-abrasive and gentle on your face. The laser clinics in Singapore have the know how and expertise for performing the treatment with the new generation light energy device.

4) V-shaped face: Your face is your identity. Give your face an edge by shaping it like “V” through the treatments at laser clinics.

Your face deserves the best. Why to settle for less then? Go for the laser clinics in Singapore for a facelift!