Clawson Classroom News 1-16-15

We had a great week!  This week we learned about vowel combinations that make the long a sound.  We continued learning about visualization and how that can help us be better readers.  During math we started learning about graphs.  


With the Nexus tablet it is very important to charge the device each night.  We use the devices every day and I have had too many students coming to school without their device or with a device that is not charged for the day.  It is the responsibility of each student to charge their device at night and if it is left at home or not charged too many times I will keep it here at school instead of sending it home.

We learned about a new math program called Frontrow today.  Please have your child spend 10 minutes working through some problems this weekend.  The time can include them showing you how the program works.


Grade cards and data binders are coming home today.  Please sign the data binders and send them back to school on Monday!

January 19th- Martin Luther King Jr. Day (NO SCHOOL)

February 10th and 12th-Conferences  Click the following link to sign up for your time.