It portrays that when the Vets got back home to the U.S that they had to pretty much hide they fact that they even fought in Vietnam because most people were highly against the war in Vietnam. Also that when they got home the government didn't assist them at all and many people weren't the same after fighting in Vietnam.  

The song repeats the lines "Born in the U.S.A" that is supposed to establish a sense of patriotism although when those lines are repeated so much it shows that he's lost the faith in the government. Another like parallelism the music and the attitude of the singer totally contradict the lyrics of the song.

USA, Beat Dog, and Born

The music doesn't really enhance the meaning of the song because of the contradiction between the two

This song tells a story about how the war Vets experienced some of the most horrific fighting in history and then just dropped off back in the US where a majority of the citizens hated them for fighting. The government also didn't provide any support for the veterans for their patriotism.  

The music is Energetic

The lyrics are Accusing  

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