What dinosaur was one of the smartest dinosaur alive,aggressive and a carnivore?  Yep a velociraptor that's what.  I am going to tell you crazy facts about velociraptor's.  Number 1 what is a velociraptor.  Number 2 what did they eat.  Number 3 how did they hunt.  Last but not least how smart are velociraptor's.  Read on if you want to learn more about one of the most deadliest and most smartest and most aggressive dinosaur!!!    

What is a velociraptor?

      A velociraptor is a very,very smart dinosaur.  Velociraptors hunted in groups.  When they hunted in groups they could take down huge dinosaurs!  Velociraptors were 3 feet long and 6 inches wide (that's a pretty small carnivore.)  But don't let the size fool you!!!    

What did Velociraptors Eat?

     Velociraptor's will eat any dinosaur they could get there claws on.  Velociraptor's are carnivores.  Like I said velociraptor's hunt in packs so the can get  bigger meals.  Velociraptor's use there sharp claws to take down a moving pray.  Velociraptor's are built to hunt .

How did Velociraptors Hunt?

    Velociraptors hunted in groups.  If velociraptors hunted by them self they would not succeed.  Because velociraptors are skinny, velociraptors are 6 feet tall and and 12 feet long.  A velociraptor v.s a t-rex a t-rex would win.  But 10 velociraptors v.s a t-rex the velociraptors would win.  See why they hunt in groups.  Velociraptors don't hunt anything that would not defeat them.

How Smart are Velociraptors?

    Velociraptors are one of the smartest dinosaurs alive!  Velociraptors could out smart any predator.  If it was trapped it would fined its way out.  Velociraptors could solve any problems!  Velociraptors are so smart if there was books they could pull them out of a book shelf and open them and open door!


    Now you know a little bit more about velocirptors.  You learned what a velociraptor is. You also learned what velocirptors ate.  You learned how they hunted and how smart they are.  THANKS FOR READING!!!


Carnivore:  Something that only eats meat.

Pray: An animal that is hunted and killed by another for food

Predator:  Something that hunts prey.


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