My name´s Ismael Moreno Alfaro. I´m from Victory City. I´m not married. I live with my mother her name´s Graciela Alfaro Ovalle. I have one brother his name´s Mauricio Rafael Moreno Alfaro, and one sister her name´s Lizeth Moreno Alfaro. My father´s Ismael Moreno Loredo, he work´s in the "cocacola company". My address is Colonia Lucio Blanco, #2813. I´m studing at Universidad Politecnica in Victoria. My cellphone number is 8341189041. I want to learn english because I want to travel around the world and to know important people. I ike to paint everything, canvas, sketches, and more important graffity. I want to be an intelligent administrador and entrepreneur.

comunitary work, the address is colonia "Pajaritos"

work with my friends. "RESPECT FOR ANIMALS"

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