Hilda's Morning Routine

Hi, how are you? This is my morning schedule, from when I wake up to when i leave on my bike. Weekends not included.

This process happens over and over until I realize I'm gonna be late. It's like that Katy Perry song "Wide Awake" ( one of my favorites)

Relly this is what goes  around in my head before anything else

A few moments later, my tablet  goes to soundcloud and plays this among other playlist while I get dressed .

later I run to the bath room and brush my hair and teeth. while listening to youtube, how to make  Plastic Spoon Flowers!

Riding my bike to this location is not that hard due to  some lovely advantages.

After I return from the bath, I take this time to follow up on my latest social media feeds such as twitter

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kianarose808 2 years ago
pandapieloveme Organizer

Schoool is awesome

Finally I head off to the races on my bike and join my fellow class mates at this grand party!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for joining  me on this  journey through my Morning Routine.

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