Stephen Curry

By:Will K.

Stephen curry makes his 1000 three

The dream

Stephen Curry was born March 3rd 1988 in Akron ohio. He always wanted to be in the MLB.  His dad (NBA hall of famer Dell curry) was drafted by the Charlotte hornets 3 months after Stephen was born. When his dad went into the hall of fame he changed his mind and decided to be in the NBA.


When Stephen currys dad was still in the NBA before games Stephen and his brothers Seth curry and Will curry would shoot around with the team. Seth curry went to the NBa and he played for the warriors but he has been a free agent for a while. Stephen excelled at the three main sports these days he played football,basketball and baseball.

What is he known for?

During the 2012-2013 mainly known for his ball handling and passing during the off-season he developed into a great shooter. On January 8 2015 against the Indiana Pacers he made his 1000th three in only 369 games! He broke the record of 457 games previously held by Dennis Scott.

Stephen Curry makes his 1000th three in 369 games!

Traits he hates

The character traits for Stephen is small. A lot of you might think hes tall but hes only 6 foot 3 and in the NBA thats pretty small. King,giving,athletic,hardworking and smart.

5 things you dont know about Steph

1.Stephen curry is the 648 most popular person alive.

2.His real name is Wardell Stephen Curry the 2.

3.He met his wife at Church.

4.This is the first year Stephen Curry is an all star.

5.Stephen outscored a team in college by his self in the first half vs Chattanoga he had 27 points and Chattanoga had 26.



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