How to be Human For Aliens

First of all to be human you must wear clothing and not be naked. I myself like to wear hollister brand clothing. You have to wear  shoes , shirt , pants ,socks ,underwear, and if you want to a hat. You have to shower everyday ,brush your teeth, and wear deodorant. The food you have to eat is your choice as long as its not humans. If you are parents you must get a job. You need to get a job so that you can have money and you need money to support your family. You can find jobs anywhere and get hired. Another thing you need is a place to live. There is houses, apartments, trailers, and etc.Your kids must go to school so they can get an education. To get your kids into school you must go to the school and sign them up so they can be enrolled there. Sports should be part of the life of a human . For instance if you like to play soccer you can go sign up for a soccer club or you can play for your schools soccer program. Soccer is a sport that you play using every part of your body except your hands. To win you must play for about 80-90 mins and score goals on your opponent by kicking the ball into the other teams net.

Uriel Espino

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