Free interviews with
Successful Filipinos Whose
Written Plans Came True

Join the free interviews this week at 10pm Manila time or watch the replays below.

1. Video Replay below you'll hear Macky Masilang, a young entrepreneur who’s got 80% of his written dreams come true already-including getting his ONE TRUE LOVE.

2. You'll hear Keng De la Cruz, an “ordinary” married employee who already lives in her dream house in her dream village. Watch the replay below:

3. You'll hear Janica Moscoso, an OFW who just resigned from her job in Singapore

4. You'll hear Mannix De Duque, an IT guy and a military man who’s dreams of travel have just begun

5. You'll hear Jones Mancilla, a virtual assistant who write a very specific number on her notebook that was almost impossible when she wrote it.

Why do you need a planning workshop?

1.Because walang plano ang boss mo para sa iyo.

2.Attending a planning is a good way to make people RESPECT your time to plan.

3. We've uncovered a new way to plan - based on movie scriptwriting that we'd love to teach it to you.

4. Other people give way to people -like you- who have written plans.


Who can benefit? If you're not in Manila, - attend next week's Success Planning Workshop Webinars
Where? Sa internet. Sa bahay mo. It’s 5 webinars.
When? 930pm - 1130pm. Monday - Friday. Jan 20-24.
How to register? or via BANK (See below)


Who can benefit? If you can go to Manila
What’s included? 1 Live Workshop + 5 Bonus Webinars (see above)
Where? Tivoli Garden Skylounge, Mandaluyong,
When? 9am - 5pm. Sat, Jan 25.
Meals included? Yes, 2 snacks and 1 lunch
How to register?
1. Regular 6,475
2. Premium 7,475 (This includes two extra webinars: 1. Followup 2. Becoming an Email Master Webinar):
3. People coming in pairs to the live event now enjoy: 5,975 Per Person:

Pay Via Bank? Yes. BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario OR BDO Savings Account/ 00-8070002528 / Jose Mario R Hilario

What to bring? Two ballpens (nice ones) and two thick empty notebooks. Nope, don't bring computers and tablets. DO NOT bring those devices if you plan on writing on them. We need paper.

These low rates valid until JAN 16, Thursday, So Join Us Now!