Properties of Matter for Select Elements

By: Grace Evans

The 3 elements that I am familiar with is oxygen, nickel, and copper. The 3 I am unfamiliar with is carbon, boron, and gallium.


~Oxygen is used to breathe and to help patients in hospitals who can not breathe on their own.

~A interesting fact about oxygen is oxygen forms 21% of earth's atmosphere by volume.


~Nickel is used for making stainless steel and is used for coinage and armor plating. ~ Nickel has an abundance of 85 parts per million in the Earth's crust.


~ Copper is usedf in building construction and electronic product manufacturing.

~ A fact about copper is that it is used to make pennies.


~ Tools and metal cutters have carbon made in them and vegetal carbon is sometimes used as a gas absorbent or bleaching agent.

~Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide


~Boron has been used in rockets as a ignition and is used in pyrotechnics and flares to produce a green color.

~ An interesting fact about boron is that it was discovered in 1808.


~gallium is used for high temperature thermometers and is used to convert electricity into coherent light.

~A fact about gallium is that it is used mostly in electronics.

Densities from least to most dense!

Oxygen~ 1.429 g/cm cubed

Carbon~ 2.26 g/cm cubed

Boron~ 2.46 g/cm cubed

Gallium~ 5.904 g/cm cubed

Nickel~  8.908 g/cm cubed

Copper~ 8.92 g/cm cubed

Melting Points from least to greatest!

Oxygen~ -218.8 degrees C

Gallium~ 29.77 degrees C

Copper~ 1,085 degrees C

Nickel~ 1,455 degrees C

Boron~ 2,076 degrees C

Carbon~ 3,500 degrees C

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