Now open Late 'till 8 every Thursday 

  This week join us for  the screening of 
Jenessa Kenway's  "Woman With A  Movie Camera"
drop in between  5 - 8 p.m.

What is this event?

"Woman With A Movie Camera" Directed and edited by Jenessa Kenway, is a short experimental B&W documentary inspired by the classic 1929 film "Man with a Movie Camera” by Russian director, Dziga Vertov.
Kenway's film looks at the arts and culture in Las Vegas beyond the Strip. We follow the female lead (played by JK Russ) as she films the local art scene and its inhabitants at work. The contemporary score is performed by DJ Totescity. There is no script or storyline to the film. Select scenes and special effects are reenacted as tribute to Vertov's original, providing persistent and surreal ambiance throughout the film.

Get in, get here.

Tickets are available at the door — $12 for adults, $5 for kids. The event raises money and awareness for dogs with heart worm.

Parking is available in the Pilgrim Church lot, behind the church. On-street parking is also available in Tremont. You can also connect to the RTA #81 bus via downtown or rapid Red Line at West 25th.

A little history.

For five years, Rescued Pups has served up a big pancake breakfast to increase awareness of a certain illness and to raise money to treat dogs and cats with that illness. Your support has saved 11 cats and four dogs since 2008, and helped prevent countless more from becoming afflicted.

Pitch in!

Want to volunteer? Rescued Pups needs bakers, cooks, setup/tear-down/clean-up helpers, door and service workers. Breakfast for volunteers is on the house!