Internet safety

Keep yourself safe

Internet safety tips:

10 Cyberbulling tips

1.If you get a mean message from someone don’t answer it.

2. Make sure you don’t give out your personal imformation.

3.Dont answer to pop up adds it could be a scame.

4.You need to scramble your past information so no one can say they are someone you know.

5.Dont fall for computer tricks like Where do you live?

6. Be careful not to be mean to someone at school just because they were mean to you online.

7.Dont just tage along on making fun of someone just because your friends are doing it.

8.Know its not your fault

9.Save the evidence

10.Protect your accounts important is because they can keep you safe online and so you wont get your self trouble and other people in trouble also. It will keep people from kidnapping you and sending bad messages

  This video will help you because it gives you what can actally help you in real life.

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