learning log - digital tech
Jordan 7D

we learnt how to send an email

this is the email Mr g

and how to attach a file to your email

how to work our way around our p drive

go to computer to use your p drive

and how to back up our stuff on drop box it is used if your p drive ia shutdown and its to make sure you don't lose you things

and how to create 3d designs on tinker cad and one of our assignments this term was to create something and print it using a 3d printer

(this is not my design )

and we had to make a power point on the school values and we had to find pictures representing them


and then we had to  create a power point and we had to take our own photos that ad pattern rule of thirds fill the frame and weird point of view

rule of thirds is were you imagine or put a grid on the screen and you do not make the object you are photographing in the middle you put them to the side and also it is used for  lining the horizon up with the grid

pattern is were you find something with pattern and take a picture

and why we should use Google chrome

we learnt how to use tackk and
we learnt how to code

we learnt how to program  scratch

this is the script to my break dancer for scratch

this is my dream home i designed on ( sweat home 3d )  

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