Exit Tickets

Exit Tickets are a way for students to provide instant feedback regarding what they have learned at the conclusion of class, so teachers can determine whether the class has mastered the daily objective or if the material needs to be retaught.  Exit Tickets should be no more than 3 or 4 questions in various formats that can be completed in the last 5-10 minutes of class and then submitted to the teacher on paper or electronically.

Ideas to Consider Regarding Exit Tickets:

  • Plan your Exit Ticket in advance.
  • Keep it simple so students can finish it before the bell.
  • Consider using open-ended questions where students will need to articulate what they know or do not know.

Watch It In Action

Tech Tool Tie-In

There are many tools available to create Exit Tickets for your classes. If you would like a one stop shop where you can track all of your classes and their exit tickets, try            exittix.com. With this resource, you can create a class and have students join the class via class code. Once into Exit Tix, you can create a variety of exit tickets and track your classes data. Students can use their laptops or cell phones to respond to your exit tickets. There is a FREE teacher account.  If you want some of the premium features, you may choose to pay to upgrade.

Bonus Resource

For another resource with many great strategies for Exit Tickets, check out this website!