MAJOR Languages:
the official language is English but Jamaicans speak English African creole language known as Jamaican patois.
location (continent):
north America
2.715 million

Things you should know

              Major Landforms: Jamaica is divided into three major landforms regions eastern mountains, central valleys and plateaus,and  coastal plains. Most elevated area is blue mountains.

              Major cities: Jamaica largest cities are Kingston, Portmore, May pen,Half way tree, and Spanish town.


              Average Temperature:Montego Bay has tropical monsoon climate with short dry season oceans and seas (55%) and forests (41%).

              Effect that climate has on businesses: Most of the time the climate can be deadly for businesses with all of the drouths, hurricanes, heat waves and other severe types of weather. The weather can destroy buildings which can cost a lot of money for owners.


              popular Music:

                Boogie, rock, rhythm and blues. But in the inner city has become the disco of uptown. At home and abroad, engineering a trans formation to popular music with a social message.

                Major sports:

                Sports in Jamaica is a significant part of their culture. Most of their sport are from Brittan such as cricket, netball, and bobsled.

                role of men and women:

                In the church:

                most of the time the man is the leader in the church such as the pastor, elder, deacon, etc.

                Raising children:

                Most or all of time the women of the family stay home to take care of the house and kids if needed help they ask grandmother they never ask the father or the man of the house.

                Interesting facts:

                One of greatest people of all time was born in Jamaica such as amazing singer Bob Marley and the fastest man alive Usain Bolt they are not just well know in Jamaica but to the hole world.  

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