Exploring Film & Cinema


Talk to the person next you.  Find out...

  • How often they go to the cinema?
  • Which kinds of films they like?
  • Who their favourite star or director is?

Key words

Film - an event captured by camera and played back to an audience.

Cinema - a public space for watching films.

Hollywood - the location in Los Angeles that produced significant amount of American films.  Now used to mean major US films.

Blockbuster - a major film (one that will likely sell-out).

Genre - the type or category of film - eg. horror, comedy, western, musical.  It tells us what kind of story to expect.

Star - the leading actor or actress who is the main attraction in a film.

Director - the person in control of making the film.  Directors are often given creative credit (films are seen as their work).

Identifying aspects of film

Move around the room and look at the film posters.  Decide...

  1. What is the genre? - think about images, colours, fonts
  2. Who is the star? - think about who they appeal to, what personality they have.

Aspects of a film

We can group the different aspects into two categories - macro & micro features.

Focus on genre

As we watch the clips think about...

  • Costume/Makeup
  • Set designs
  • Character movement
  • Lighting
  • Camera movement

Homework - Due Monday 11th May

  • Watch the clips of this film.
  • Make notes about costume, camera, character, lighting and set (use the Googledoc to help you).
  • Decide on the genre you think it is and say why.

Share your complete Googledoc with me riding.m@gardenschool.edu.my