I've never really taken a fancy to the nature sounds on my alarm clock. While a few are comforting in in that they remind me of the home that I grew up in, a lot of the time they seem artificial. Although they probably are the products of an actual recording in that environment, such as a waterfall, most still lack quality of tone and pitch. Doing the sound environment no justice what-so-ever. Out of all the disruptive settings to choose from though, I have always preferred the frogs and crickets. This is most likely the result of growing up next to a pond. I guess it's the way they go to the tempo of my breath that lulls me into a tranquil state of being.

    My quest for sound has taken me further, as it has always been something that deeply intrigues me. Whether it be shamanic drum tones or N.A.S.A. voyager trips, I always seem to run across something. It's very strange to me how your ears (rather your brain) can prefer one sound over another, and how that may vary from one person to the next. I'd like to think that it's what sounds familiar to a person, but that's only a true some of the time. What sort of sounds sit with you best .

Spherical compression (longitudinal) waves