The City of Miami

By:Hudson Smith

Some Miami facts

Miami is located on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It also has a population of 413,892 which is the 42nd largest in the United States. Miami is known for sports and luxury their sports include The Miami Heat of the NBA The Miami Marlins of the MLB The Miami Dolphins and finally The Florida Panthers of the NHL.

Famous Places in Miami

In Miami some famous places are the holocaust Memorial , Jungle island which is an amusement park like a zoo. On the other side of the park lives Hercules the 900 pound liger the cross breed of lion and tiger. Jungle island also has animals like penguins flamingos boa constrictors and alligator snapping turtles.

Jungle island
Holocaust memorial

What to wear in Miami

You would probably want to wear shorts and a t-shirt because it is usually pretty warm even in the winter. The average temperature is about 70-77 degrees farenheit


The city of Miami is very luxurious from hotels to beaches to super cars Miami has it all. It has celebrities such as Flo Rida , Pit-Bull , Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Victoria Justice , Sean Kingston , DJ Khaled , and Rick Ross.


The music in Miami varies the Cubans brought conga and rumba Brazilians brought samba 1980's and 90's brought the high energy Miami Bass. So the music in Miami is not just like 1 type of music genre it is lots of music mixed together.

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