Final project: Scratch, Makey Makey, and Wordpress

This is my final Tackk project its about a character I drew last year and used in Inkscape and in scratch. Part of my project is a Wordpress site that has all the pictures and talks about the process of making all of them Here. The other part is the game I made on scratch where you look for the things its holding a blue red green and yellow swirly things. When we had started Tinkercad I had made a version for 3D printing, since it was suggested that I should make it interactive I printed it and wrapped it in copper tape. In the project I learned how to use Wordpress and experimented more with scripts in scratch. I started this project splitting my time between Wordpress and Scratch after I finished Wordpress I focussed on scratch then went back and edited what I said on Wordpress.

This is the version I made in tinkercad

Sadly the 3D print broke a leg and was a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

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