Samuel de Champlain Proposal

   As a proud explorer and an even prouder French citizen, I, Samuel de Champlain, am honored to ask you, the almighty King of France, to sponsor me on an adventurous expedition to the unknown. Myself, my crew, and my ships promise to bring back monumental treasures beyond belief back to France. No one else will do this because I have the smarts, quick thinking, and vast knowledge to get you whatever you desire. I plan to hit other countries in their weakest spots and take advantage of that to control the fur trade. So let me ask you king, would you like to join the Champlain family?

   Now, I will face many different perils on my journey. Everything from sharks to hurricanes, even whales might try to take my life. As a result of this, I will need you to give me weapons to get rid of these nuisances. Other European explorers will cower in the almighty strength of France and I will rule the New World. Of course, you will become the most powerful monarch in European and French history! People right now value beaver pelts from the new worlds more than their own lives, so controlling the Fur Trade is like controlling all of Europe! Now, how would you like that. Imagine me coming back with all the treasures your heart desires.  

    Many other men will come begging on their knees for you to throw them a bone, but only I will get the job done right without being shot, killed, kidnapped, tortured, boiled, eaten, blown up, or dying in any other manner. I will represent the great country of France with dignity, respect, and courage. In just a short period of time, with the correct funding, I will set sail to the Northern New World. I bet you have heard stories about this crazy Saint Croix island, where I plan to settle, and about how this area is rich in beavers. Also, you have probably heard stories about the hostile Iroquois Indians of this place. I'll try to trade with them, but if not, then those weapons will come in handy.

        Do you want to be famous? Do you want your legacy to carry on for millennia? If so, o' great king, than please fund me to carry on into the unknown. Viva la France!                                                                                     


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