Kory's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

Christopher Handy grew up in Alabama with his mom and dad that was a Minister. Christopher worked jobs to save up for a guitar he worked for months. Finally he could buy the guitar he purchased the guitar and walked home. He showed his father that’s the devil’s plaything. William father thought all music besides church music was the devil’s music. His father demanded him to exchange it for a dictionary. William was an excellent student he loved school especially singing class he practiced for a hour each day.The outdoors sounds like music to William. Each bird plays its own instrument the bird sang its own notes.

Handy made a bit of money Memphis Blues. He was 40 years old and he had a family that was growing. One day he gathered his things and left. He rented a room that had a piano and started to work. Outside his room he heard laughing, playing, and shouting. He could concentrate now on his work and finish He was none as the Father of the Blues.

Carl Orff

  • He was from Germany
  • Created Orff  instruments for elementary music classrooms
  • His music school was bombed during world war II thankfully the school was closed
  • Composed during the Modern period
  • Founded a school that focused on movement and music
  • Carmina Burana is his  most  famous composition  

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