kyah tucker

robot peices


Today we learned about each other and made robots out of clay and lego.I made mine like a person I don't know why but I did.

6 17 14

Today we made Castles out of lego and clay. then we made cardboard castles and won awards.Also they throw clay at them. My group won most durable because of it's figture. I came up with the idea to put boxes in the castle.

6 18 14

Today we use Tinkercad and did lesson. then design. We play with the site tinkercad.

6 19 14

Today we use tinkercad and made keychains with r name on it. I have no reasoning.

front of it


today we made castles in tinkercad .We learned the different types of 3d printers and filement .Mine has removeable roof, hay and chair. the base of my castle is from

the roof
this is my vase which i will my flower in.
this my flowers


Today I started an independent project and drew what I am going to do for it.I will make flowers for a vase. which are the things  above.


I am doing the mars base challenge I created  housing,a school,a greenhouse,a science center,a solar power. here it is

science center
solar power

made with cubes

green house
front of housing
top of hous
this is my 1st level of my house there stairs and bedroom ,food space, extra roo

i will make for just for looking at.

an necklace

i will like to print it in white. i will make it for an necklace.


i will make it for a necklace



today i upload all my things i made and pick out what will print.