Parts of a river

                                                   By Cadet: M.Fierros Aguilar

This is an example of a watershed.

              source of a river

The source of the river is where the water comes from.

      Here is an example of where the source come from:

         Mouth or Delta of a river

A mouth or delta of a river is were it is the end of a river and goes into a ocean.

This is an example of a mouth of a river.

                 Great Baisn

A Great Basin is a watershed that does not flow into the ocean.

For example the Great Salt Lake is a basin.

This an example of a great basin.


A divide is the part of the river that separates the longer rivers.


A headwater is extreme upper reaches of  a stream.

That is how a headwaters looks like.


A tributary is a stream or river that flows into a mainstream.

The picture shown above is a tributary.


A downriver is between a headwater and a floodplain stream.

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