Rube Goldberg Machine

I chose the Rube Goldberg Machine. I chose this because I enjoyed our first Rube Goldberg Machine that we invented. I would like to learn to make an interesting chain reaction machine. I like trying to figure out problems. After I set a goal I want to accomplish it.


Today we planned our Rube Goldberg machine. We decided who was bringing in what for our machine. We also made a list of materials. Here they are:


  • String
  • Tape
  • Pulley
  • Balls x2
  • Cars x2
  • Wood
  • Race track
  • Fan
  • Tub
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Bowl

Day 3

So its day 3 and today we investigated more ideas. We continued to sketch our machine. This will definitely be difficult.

Day 4: Building

Here are the plans:

Today we successfully created our first stage. The zip line stage. We also created the second stage. The rolling stage. They may be changed later in the process.

Day 5

Today we Completed the 3rd stage of our project. A book sits at the end of the track and  ball sits on top of the book. The marble hits the book and the ball falls off (its connected to a string.)

Day 6

Today we Tried to make our stages run easier. We tried putting purell on the track to make the marble roll faster.  

Day 7: Difficulties

Some difficulties we are having are getting the marble to roll all the way down the track. We will need to find a way to make the marble roll faster down the track to hit the book and knock over the wrecking ball.

Day 8: Questions

We need to figure out how to get the marble to speed up and have enough force to knock over the book. We are questioning how to get it to roll faster down the track.

Day 9: Nuts and Bolts

First the force of the ball attached to the pulley is pulled down the string because of gravity. The marble is on a hill so gravity pulls it down around the turn towards the book. The ball that sits on the book slips out of the tape connected to the cabinet handle. We need to find a way to keep that from happening.

Day 10: Problems

We are having problems with the second wrecking ball stage. We are going to switch it out with a different stage to make the machine work more efficiently.

Day 11:

We are changing up the plans a little today. One of our steps was not working so we must put a new step in.

Day 12

Most of our stage are working pretty well up to this point. We just finished successfully creating our 4th stage which is a boat sliding into the water and being blown by a fan to the next step. We are not sure what the next step will be because our original plan was not working.

Day 13

Today we... got some new materials because of past failures. We received a new boat that will not become damaged after one use.

Day 14: What we would like to do next?

We would like to connect with another machine. We also need to find some new stages.

Day 15

We changed things up a little bit today. We made a new goal, to get the baseball in the bucket and fall a couple feet. We took out the wrecking ball stage and the boat/fan stage.

Day 16: Last Working Day

We were not able to get our machine to work how we wanted it to work. We did get most of the steps to work well though. We had limited time to complete our project. If we would've had a few more days of work we would've been able to finish

Day 17: Reflections

Our project turned out pretty well from my point of view. We learned that many projects require a trial and error mindset. Many stages of this project in particular didn't work the way we wanted it to. This project didn't really make me want to pursue this subject in a job but possibly make this a hobby of mine. I don't think this could be included in a job but if there is then there may be a chance of me wanting to be in the field of career. I might want to make this one of my hobbies when I get older and have nothing else to do with my life. I don't really wish i would have picked a different project but possibly. I enjoyed focusing on this subject but I think it would've been cool to try the other projects if we would've had more time on my hands. I enjoyed this project very much and hope to do it again soon.

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Good job!

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Awesome! You rock! So smart like your Mom.