BY: Jazlyn Summers and Ashley Fong

At PEAK, we had a Solar Contest. We had to run many experiments before we could get to this awesome contest. Our job was to make a collector that collected the most heat and kept it all in. Read below to find out the results!

How and Why We Made Our Cup

We made our cup because we both had equally good results on our characteristics (Ashley tested bubble wrap and Jazlyn tested black paper on the inside and it was better than black paper on the bottom) We felt that these would make good materials if we used a big sonic cup. Originally we started with a small cup, but we changed our minds and made it bigger. We thought it would work better if it was bigger. But after the experiment we learned that it would be harder to heat up when it was more deep.

We made our cup by using a big sonic cup. We lined black paper on the inside and used bubble wrap to insulate it. We put black paper on the bottom because it absorbs heat. We use bubble wrap because we learned it made it heat/held the temp better than plastic wrap. Unfortunately, it did not goes as planned. We ended up getting last place overall in the class in which can raise the temp most and which can hold the heat most. We were very close to last place in 5th grade.

What does this teach me about the scientific method and how i use it?

It teaches me we need to think more thoroughly and really use it and understand the scientific method.  It also teaches us what kind of materials we should use when making collectors to hold heat/heat up.

Why did the winning collectors win/why did we place where we did?

The winning collector won because it was wider and it was less deep. The heat  got into it faster. We placed where we did because we used a sonic cup which was really deep and  we didn't cover the inside of the cup completely.

What would we change

We would make the cup smaller and put more thought into the scientific method. We would also make sure everything is a fair test because we made a mistake and i think the results would be different if we had made it fair.


Now you know why we made our cup, what the scientific method taught me, why did we place where we did and what we would change. Could you win a solar contest?


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