Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder. That has affected people all throughout history and from all continents. People with this disorder/illness often have the symptoms of; hearing voices that other people may not hear, in their minds they believe other people are reading their minds or controlling their thoughts, or planning harm against them.

People affected:

There are 2.2 Million people affected by Schizophrenia in America. There are 6-12 million people are affected by Schizophrenia in China. Therefore, China is the leading statistic in which Schizophrenia affects.


People with Schizophrenia are generally normal, but may not make complete sense when they talk. Some may not function for hours without moving or talking. Some people seem perfectly fine until you hear their thought process or what they are really thinking about.


For Schizophrenia there is no known cures. Yet there is treatment that can help people with this illness. The National Alliance Of Mental Illness (NAMI) depending on the case and severity of Schizophrenia, has blogs, personal memoirs, and step programs to help you cope with the everyday hallucinations, voices, and disillusions.

Extra knowledge:

You could find extra knowledge on the NAMI website. (

National Institute Of Mental Health (

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