wonder character ln the spotlight: August
By: Kyla Turks

"Everyone should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives"

August Pullman Wonder

character's tie to theme

The theme Auggie learned is that it is ok to be unique! I think Auggie learned that even though he was deformed everyone liked him,Early in the book Auggie goes to school and no one would touch him they called him really mean names like freak,monster & zombie boy. They even made a game after him called the plague. Which was a game about if you touch Auggie then you would have to sanitize your hands or wash them in the next five seconds or you would have the plague for ever. When he went to lunch a girl named Summer Dawson sat with him, they made their on table called the "summer table" and they sat at the table everyday.I think the theme that had the biggest impact on August is when Jack,Julian, & Amos were talking badly about August on Halloween . I think this was the biggest impact because it made him not go to school for a couple of days and wouldn't talk to Jack. He learned that being unique was ok.

Character Influences

I think Via influnced Auggie when shen told him he needed to grow up.She told him even though he was deformed he could still cut his on food and tuck himself in to bed. After his dog,Daisy died he realised he could read himself to sleep instead of having Daisy. I think August influnced everyone at school i think is message was that even though he didn't look normal he was just like everyone else at school.Like August said he was a normal kid he had an xbox and he rode his bike he just didn't look normal.He proved to everyone that it doesn't matter if you are deformed or not,african american or caucasian,popular or dorky,we are all the same we just don't feel,see,or notice it.They are all  butterflies. Diffrent on the outside but the same on the same on the inside.

Art Representation

I picked a famous painting by Albert Bierstadt which is intitled The Rocky Mountains Lander's Peak. I chose this painting because at first he wasnt happy and he was sad when he went to school because he was insucure about the way his face looked.The mountains are all bumpy which kind of of Auggie's life.Then he meets friends and he is super happy. Later in the book Auggie sees people are were  touching his hand and giving him high- fives. Auggie started having more friends in the story. If you notice the painting is shaded untill you get to the waterfall the sun is shinning which kind of reminds of auggie being happy. I think it looks like Auggie is starting to make friends and is getting happier and happier soon the painting will have the sun all over.

Character Analysis