Sap Fest 4/24/15-4/26/15

My weekend was wonderful. I had so much fun and got to spend it with people I had not been in contact with, other than Via text for awhile.

4/24-I started it out by chilling around the house for a couple hours with my sisters, I then went to the Maple syrup Festival with my best friend, Bethany, my sister Rebekah and her boyfriend Josh. They all attend Chippewa Hills High School. We had purchased wristbands so we were walking around and deciding what rides would least affect our stomach. We ran into a couple of our old guy friends, Jonny and Brad, also from Chippewa Hills High School. We hung around with them for awhile and then all went our separate ways. Well except Bethany and I were still walking around scoping out rides that wouldn't make us feel like we got hit by a truck. We had lost Rebekah and Josh awhile before,right when we purchased the wristbands. By the end of the night Bethany and I had rode every ride except the Ferris wheel because I find those to be terrifying. I even went on the Fireball which wasn't as bad as everyone said. Being upside down made you feel the need to scream, because you're just sitting their doing nothing mid air. Bethany, however, did not accompany me on this ride. Rebekah, Josh, Teresa and I had all met up to ride. Teresa then stayed the rest of the night and walked around with Bethany and I. The night came to a quick end and we all went and Stayed at my house, except Josh, he drove home.

4/25-Worked all day at your local Mcdonald's

4/26- Worked all day again at your local Mcdonald's

4/27-Relaxed at home with my sisters and watched netflix

The carny is kind of a volunteer although it is more like his job. Volunteer 4-25
Community 4-25
Entertainment 4-25
Maple Syrup (Fest) 4-24

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