Kyle Kirts

Dayton, Ohio Attorney at Law

About Kyle Kirts

An accomplished legal professional with many years of experience in the field, Kyle Kirts worked for six years as a Republican staff attorney in the Illinois House of Representatives. In this capacity, he provided legal analysis and advice for the legislative body, including analyzing bills, drafting legislation, and advising members of the Republican caucus on criminal, civil, and juvenile justice issues. In addition to working closely with government liaisons and lobbyists, Kyle Kirts staffed committees such as the Procurement Policy Board, the Juvenile Justice Reform Committee, and the Elections and Campaign Reform Committees.

Currently, Kyle Kirts serves as an attorney at law in Dayton, where he focuses his practice on traffic defense, family law, juvenile law, and misdemeanor criminal offenses. He represents clients in municipal and common plea courts, prepares clients for trials, negotiates settlements, and works to find the most appropriate solutions to their legal problems.

Kyle T. Kirts holds a JD from the University of Dayton Law School and a master of public administration from Southern Illinois University.

Career Options for Recent Law School Graduates

An attorney in Dayton, Ohio, Kyle T. Kirts possesses more than 15 years of professional experience. Since graduating from the University of Dayton with his juris doctor, Kyle Kirts has held positions in a number of different legal environments. Before opening a private practice, Kyle Kirts served as a staff attorney with the Illinois House of Representatives and as an assistant prosecutor for the City of Dayton. He also worked at an established law firm and with the Fraternal Order of Police.

After graduating from law school, individuals have a wide range of options. They may choose to pursue a clerkship, which allows them to work with federal and state judges. These opportunities boost a resume and provide an opportunity to sharpen legal skills. Others may want to intern with a law firm before pursuing an associate position. Some people choose to open a private practice, but developing a client base can prove difficult, especially when competing with established firms.

The government offers a number of opportunities for legal professionals, as do corporations. As in-house legal counsel, individuals have a guaranteed client. Another option is to teach. In addition to his career experience, Mr. Kirts has taught at multiple institutions.

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