Kyle Stalzer - CEO at Tackk

Husband + Father, Product Guy

At Tackk, our vision for the product and experience will always be about simplicity and directly to the point of helping you create your content without taking you into the weeds like so many other experiences do.  

We believe in taking our time and pouring over the finite details that turn an experience from good to great.  It's about subtleties in the design that when added to the experience make all the difference in a user simply accomplishing a task vs. enjoying the entire experience and wanting to create more on Tackk. This will always be our missive.  

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3 years ago

Kyle, thank you for following me... I've known about TACKKs for several months... I couldn't leave them alone... I just had a slow start... I am beginning to understand how SPECTACULAR TACKKs are; how the creators deserve the Nobel Prize of Web Page Creation [is there such a thing?]. TACKKs have empowered the ordinary guy to have a significant presence on the web; and, to ENHANCE their lives. Thank you. :)

3 years ago

You're Awesome too; thanks for FAVORITing and following my

I believe there's lot's of Power in TACKKs. The Applications seem expansive. I also believe TACKKs can help uncover the hidden wealth in Virtual Communities. I hope to explore the possibilities with extensive use of TACKKs. After all, they're writing books about it. Where is this Hidden Wealth they speak of? I want to go Prospecting. You commin'?

It's one of my first projects using the Power of TACKKs. I am excited about the tools and infrastructure imagined into existence by you and the entire Founders Team at
You paid it forward... BIGTIME.

Another thing I believe, "Miracles are Performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less." We're all connected now. Let's get together and work it. peterlance.

2 years ago

thank you kyle for following me and for the lovely tackks you make

2 years ago

Kyle, Question: Can I make a Private Tackk that is just (say) an image and there is no "Other Tackks by this User" at the bottom... no comments section, etc. TY

2 years ago

@peterlance you can turn off the comments in the settings. You can also set a Tackk to private in the settings (step 4) and 'More Tackks by User' won't show to your audience

8 months ago
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