Kylie Lucas


Canals dug in the ground made for farming in Mesopotamia was called irrigation. In Mesopotamia they made a human made water way which is called a canal. Mesopotamian's used chariots which are like horse drawn carts used for in battle against enemies.


In Mesopotamia the people there liked to do art. They made this made this stone cylinder engraved with designs. When they were rolled over clay these designs would leave imprints. Do you know what this is called ? In Mesopotamia they also made jewerly made out of important gold , silver , and gems.  


In Sargon who was the monarch of Mesopotamia wrote laws. Sargon had the first permant army. If you don't know hat a monarch is i'm going to tell you. A monarch is a ruler of a kingdom or empire.

Development of Government

Mesopotamia had the worlds first Empire.