Sara's values.

I value my friends.

One of my  greatest values is my friends. They keep me going and make real good company. Most of my friends are hysterical and awesome people to be around. Any time I'm with my friends I'm usually pretty happy.

I also value the country

I value the country because ,I have many friends in the country and when ever I go to the country I usually have a blast and am not happy about going back to city.

I value Music.

I love to both listen to and play music. I play the violin and guitar. I am in what's the beginning of a forming band, so far the band is named Doomed From The Start. my friends  Ryan, Tony, Cody, and a possible member may be Robin. I'm the rhythm guitarist, Ryan is the lead guitarist, Robin would be the drummer, Cody is the singer, and tony will be the band manager. We still need a bass player. I've been playing the violin since I was in the third grade. I'm In orchestra and play guitar outside of school usually learning songs from tabs and Ryan.

I value Art

I love to draw and create things out of nearly any material. I like to take a picture of a person or character and then look at that picture and draw it. I also like to look at other peoples art. I consider writing art and like to do that to, as in writing stories and just writing in general.

I value my family

I don't have a large family by blood but I do have a group of extremely nice and fun people that look at me as part of their family. I do have my mom, brother and    grandparents.

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