The Discovery of Oil in Texas
By- Ella Crimmings

Oil is discovered at Spindletop on January 10, 1901

The Discovery of Oil at Spindletop

Oil has been an important natural resource for the American industry for many years. It has revolutionized the entire country by providing an abundance of jobs, money, and transportation. What most people do not know is that it was one man's dream and determination that started the oil era and changed America forever. In 1892, Pattillo Higgins started his quest for oil on Spindletop Hill in Beaumont, Texas. It took month after month of  drilling to finally reach the oil Higgins had believed was present. On January 10, 1901 he hit the largest reserve of oil the world had ever seen. Beaumont became a bustling city that filled with people almost over night. It was on that day that the oil era erupted and oil became one of the most important resources to the United States.

Oil Booms and Discoveries in Texas

Spindletop was the start to dozens of boom towns springing up all around Texas. Oil drew thousands of people to oil fields and towns near oil.From the 1900's to about the 1940's various cities became greatly populated because of the oil industry. Some of these towns; like Fort Worth and Dallas are still show the affect that oil boom's have had on Texas. Other towns like Amarillo and Odessa were also places where oil booms happened and oil was discovered.

Social Effects of Oil

Oil was a chance for new opportunities at the time it was discovered. America was able to modernize transportation and ship things much easier as well as offer many jobs to all kinds of people working in various fields. There was also an abundance of money that had not been present before oil was discovered. This meant that many things that had not been possible before oil was discovered became possible.

Oil's Effect on Texas Education

The oil boom greatly affected education in Texas as well. At many Texas universities oil was discovered, therefore providing money for the schools and making schools like the University of Texas and Texas A&M very wealthy. Extra-curricular activities such as football were funded as well because of the positive affect of oil on Texas education.

Effects of Oil Today

Today, oil is still an important part of our industry. It is still used for transportation and is deemed very important to the American economy. Oil has provided many new jobs to people all over the world and we can still see this effect today. Boom towns in Texas are also still greatly populated and important economic cities of Texas. But, although oil has effected Texas in many positive ways over-drilling has effected Texas negatively by using too much of what is usually called a limited resource.

10 Things Made with Petroleum

1. Ink

2. Dresses

3. Toothpaste

4. Hair Curlers

5. Basketballs

6. Guitar Strings

7. Dentures

8. Lipstick

9. Dye

10. Soap

Oil is still used daily by people in modern day America
Oil rigs drilling deep into the Earth's surface to supply the petroleum that is in these objects

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