Pottery is a Art/Aechitecture and potty was the way they got water to their homes and they make plates, bowls, and their cups. Pottery was a sours for the people to live of of also pottery was a Job Specialization. Why was it in the Job Specialization because that was a type of work people had to do so they could get plates, bowls, cups and their spoons, and forks so they can eat. Pottery was a very special thing in mesopotamia it was a sours for some people like the slaves or the workers. The pottery wheel was a wheel you have to spin by your hand or foot.

Hammurabi's code is a ancient system of laws for the people that lived in Mesopotamia. Hammurabi's dicates are often cited as the often cited as the oldest written laws an record , but they were predate by at least two other ancient codes of conduct from the Middle East. In the 18th century B.C. , Babylonian king Hammurabi fashioned a compendium of 282 laws that set standers of conduct and justice for his empire in ancient Mesopotamia. The code also listed different punishments for men and women with regard to marital infidelity. Also did you know the code includes one of the earliest examples of the presumption of innocence.